The Shire of Wickepin is responsible for a range of services that are governed by the Building Act 2011.

Mr Allan Ramsey is employed on a part time basis as an Environmental Health/ Building officer and can be contacted at the Shire of Wickepin office every third Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to assist with information and advice relating to:

  • Building licences
  • Swimming pool inspections
  • Signage
  • Disability services
  • Second hand dwellings

Further information can be found at the Western Australian Building Commission website.

Council policy regarding Building Services are outlined below:

Unauthorised Structures

Where a building, work or structure is constructed in breach of any provisions of the Building Regulations 1989 and/or Building Code of Australia, the Building Surveyor is authorised to give notice to the owner for the building work or structure to conform with the building Regulations 1989 and/or building Code of Australia.

Prohibition of Unsightly Objects

No person shall cause, allow or permit to be placed on any lot an object which is visible from the street and in the opinion of Council is offensive, unsightly or otherwise considered to be detrimental to the amenity of the neighbourhood.

Where the land is to be used for the storage of goods, Council may required that land to be enclosed with a fence of suitable construction that the stored goods are not visible from the street.

Building Permit Application

The Building Surveyor shall approve/disapprove all building applications to conform with the Building Code of Australia. Application forms can be obtained from the Shire Office. Information and forms regarding building applications are available here.

New Commercial Developments

Where a building application is approved for the construction of a new commercial premises Council will have regard to notifying statutory authorities such as Western Power, Water Authority and Telstra of these proposals to allow them to plan for the provision of new services.

Second Hand Material

Council will disallow the use of second hand material during construction of buildings, unless in a suitable condition.

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