Council Committees

Governance & Community Services Committee

Cr Steve Martin

Cr Allan Lansdell

Cr Sarah Hyde

Cr Julie Russell

Cr Fran Allan

Cr Wes Astbury

Cr Gerri Hinkley

Cr Nathan Astbury

Townscape & Cultural Planning Committee

Cr Allan Lansdell

Sue Astbury

Cr Sarah Hyde

Lee Parker

Cr Fran Allan

Leah Taylor

Kym Smith

Kevin Coxon

Jodi Thompson

Ted Astbury

Ammers Miley

Paige Leeson

Tim Cowcher

Lifestyle Retirement Committee

Cr Fran Allan

Cr Allan Lansdell

Murray Lang

Audrey Bird

Coleen Thompson

Karen Williamson

Colin Hemley

Syd Martin

Kevin Coxon

Leanne Smith

Chris Lozenicins

Albert Facey Homestead Committee

Karen Rushton

Dave Astbury

Linley Rose

Helen Warrilow

Margaret Fleay

Luci Sartori

Libby Heffernan

Charlotte Astbury

Australia Day Committee

Cr Julie Russell

Cr Allan Lansdell

Cr Wes Astbury

Cr Fran Allan

  • 2017 Community Awards
    2017 Community Awards Don’t forget to get your nominations in for the Wickepin Community Awards. Nominations close Friday 8 December 2017! Click here to read more
  • Dog Registrations 2017-18
    Dog Registrations 2017-18 Dog Registration Renewals for 2017/18 have been sent out. If you didn’t receive a renewal, or any details are incorrect please contact Sam at the Shire Office on 9888 1005. Click here to read more
  • FIREBREAKS 2017/2018
    FIREBREAKS 2017/2018 Council would like to remind residents of the Shire of Wickepin that they are required on or before 1 October 2017 and thereafter to 14 April 2018 to plough, scarify or otherwise provide and maintain firebreaks clear of all inflammable material at least 2.5 metres wide. Click here to read more