Waste Management

Great Southern Waste Narrogin are responsible for the rubbish collection and recycling within the Shire of Wickepin every Monday. Bins are to be out on the verge on Sunday evening or by 6.00am on the day of collection. Please notify Council if you require a recycling bin and/or a normal green 240 litre rubbish bin. 

General Waste and Recycle Bins

Council provides households and businesses with bins to assist in the management of waste and recycling.  Residential properties have different bin entitlements to businesses. 

Council will provide one general waste bin (green lid) and one recycling bin (yellow lid) to New residential and New commercial.

The annual refuse charge on council’s rate notice entitles the following pick up from premises;


-        1x 240 litre green waste bin

-        1x 240 litre yellow recycling bin


-        3x 240 litre green waste bin

-        Bulk recycling (cardboard , paper etc.) pick up from approved pick up area

-        3x 240 litre yellow recycle bins for glass, plastics, aluminium etc.

Over and above the allocated amount of collection will incur an additional charge based on annual refuse charges.

Council’s contractors will not pick up 44 gallon drums or any other rubbish receptacle other than a 240 litre bin.

Council will only repair and replace bins damaged by council’s contractors. Residents/owners to purchase replacement bins at their own cost.

Waste Transfer Stations

The Shire of Wickepin, with financial assistance from Country Local Government Fund through Royalties for Regions is proud to announce the construction of the new user friendly Waste Transfer Stations for  Harrismith, Tincurrin and Yealering.

The construction of the  Waste Transfer Stations will see the closure of the existing landfill sites.

The Waste Transfer Station will accept your normal household waste as well as your recyclables. You will be required to place your recyclables in the designated areas provided.

For more information click here.

Sewerage System

The Shire of Wickepin provides a sewerage services to approximately 350 residents in the town of Wickepin. The sewerage and effluent reuse scheme assets have a current replacement value of approximately $1.5million. The effluent reuse scheme provides irrigation water to the town oval and provides a significant water conservation and cost benefit to the town by recycling the wastewater processed through the treatment plant.

Some areas of the town of Wickepin are not connected to the sewerage scheme including the Yarling Brook Estate and septic tanks are required in these areas. The towns of Yealering, Harrismith and Tincurrin are not connected to the sewerage scheme. For more information contact the Administration Officer on 9888 1005

Septic Application Form

Customer Service Charter- Wastewater Services

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