Wickepin Art Prize 2018

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Wickepin Art Prize 2016

Acquisitive Prize -  Jo Duffy 'Sunset Ridge'  

Best Landscape - Leon Holmes 'Flush n Lush'

Best Portrait - Steve Makse 'Luke'

Best Textile -  Coll Quatermaine 'The Settlers Tree'

Best Sculpture - Paul Elliott 'Crow'

Best Local Art  - Toby Hills 'In touch'

People’s Choice – Chris Goldberg 'A Special Bond'

Packers' Prize (or really Unpackers ) - Neil Elliott 'Farm Dog'

High School Best Art – Cassidy Smith 'Lost in Thought'

Primary School Best Art – Amelia Corbett 'Sunflowers'

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Wickepin Art Prize 2016 Commended List

Highly Commended

Kellie Orr 'Portrait of Adam Mitchell'

Kirsten Sivyer 'Inhale, Exhale'

Katherine Williamson-Booth 'Dying Flowers'

Jessica Holliday 'Wollogorang Refuge'

Chris Goldberg 'A Special Bond'

Leesa Padget 'The Entomologist'

Myra Mitchell 'Soulful Instincts'

Thank you to the Sponsors of our major prizes:

Watershed News

Albert Facey Homestead Management Committee

Shire of Wickepin

Wickepin Community Fund

Jason SignMakers

Great Southern Fuels

Wes Farmers Insurance - Mark Regan

Photos from the event...

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Garden Awards 2016

Best Overall Garden - 2 Wogolin Road, Wickepin - Ruth Bailey and John Menelgola

Best Waterwise/Eco Friendly - 15 Keeping Street, Tincurrin - Ross Easton

Best Kept Street - Wogolin Road East (from Dumbleyung Road)

Best Kept Non Residential - Wickepin Shire Offices