Administration Contact Details
Mark Hook Chief Executive Officer 0429 207 855
Erika Clement Finance Manager 
Gary Rasmussen Manager of Works  0429 882 871
Rebecca Pauley Executive Support Officer   
Samantha Dawes Customer Service Officer  
Lee Parker Community Development Officer  
Dianne Barry Finance Officer 


Works Details
 Peter Bransby Supervisor 0428 920 867
 Rob Clement Mechanic 0427 998 834
 Phillipa Ellis Pool Manager 9888 1015 
 Peter Arnol Head Construction/Grader Driver 0419 971 223
 Colin Plumb Grader Operator  
 Trevor Tapping Truck Driver/Plant Operator  
 Andrew McColl Labourer/Plant Operator  
 Rob Whibley Labourer/Plant Operator  
 Chris Holmes Labourer/Building and Maintenance 0407 083 589
 Graeme Wilson Leading Hand Gardener  0428 941 718
 Allan Hemley Truck Driver/Plant Operator  
 Justin Smith Labourer/Gardener  
 Couper Spark Labourer/Gardener
Janet Thorley Cleaner