Works and Engineering

One of the largest and most important responsibilities of the Shire of Wickepin is the continued maintenance and upgrade of roads. The Shire of Wickepin work on a 5 year road program which is revised each year. Approximately 25% of council’s annual expenditure is spent on road maintenance and is funded by rates as well as Federal and State government grants.

The Shire of Wickepin currently maintains 157km of sealed roads and 717km of unsealed roads and provides the following services:

  • Road Construction
  • Road Maintenance
  • Catchment Works
  • Drainage Works
  • Traffic Management
  • Environmental Works
  • Construction of House Pads
  • Earth Moving and Cartage
  • Roadside Maintenance
  • Water Cartage
  • Plant Hire

Road Maintenance

The Shire of Wickepin Works staff, under the direction of the Manager of Works & Services, continually maintain the road network as part of their program including grading, rolling, clearing of drains, culverts, etc.

Road Safety

Our works crew do their best to make our roads safe by way of maintenance and removal of fallen trees and dangerous materials. Please contact the Shire of Wickepin office on 9888 1005 to report any dangerous items.

Private Works

If time permits, the Shire of Wickepin will perform private works such as grading of driveways, catchment works and construction of house pads within the Shire of Wickepin. For quotes and enquiries for private works contact the Manager of Works on 9888 1005.

Works Request Form