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Albert Facey Homestead

Albert Facey Homestead  Albert Facey Homestead - Bedroom 1

Located in the main street of Wickepin, the Albert Facey Homestead celebrates the life of Albert Facey, author of the best selling autobiography A Fortunate Life. The homestead was moved into town from a farm property in 2000 and has been lovingly restored to reflect the harsh and simple lifestyle of the 1920s and early 1930's.

The Albert Facey Homestead Committee oversaw the relocation of the Homestead and have continued to hold meetings for the running, maintenance and upkeep of the Homestead.
Click here for an interesting article 'On the Trail of Fortune' placed in 'Walkabout Travel' Magazine featuring the Homestead and various committee members.

Albert Facey Homestead open times


10am – 4pm            Friday (year-round)
9am – 2pm              Saturday/Sunday (year-round)
10am – 4pm            Monday - Thursday (March – November)

Closed Christmas & Boxing Days, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

Wickepin Swimming Pool

Don’t forget to head down to the Wickepin Swimming Pool to check out the spray painting art murals. Oh, and have a swim of course!

Jerome Davenport is a young talented artist, originally from Wickepin and now living in the U.K. Jerome has used his spray painting art skills on the Wickepin Swimming Pool building and has really livened up what was once a very dull looking building. Very impressive stuff! For more pictures of Jerome’s work, and him in action, check out the Shire of Wickepin Facebook page or follow him on Instagram - ketones6000

Wickepin Swimming Pool  Wickepin Swimming Pool

Malyalling Reserve

Rare and unique wildflowers are on display at the Malyalling Reserve during spring and summer. Spider and donkey orchids can be found at the reserve located 15km north of Wickepin.

Malyalling Rock  Malyalling MCG

Wickepin Heritage Precinct

A walk trail links the Wickepin Heritage Precinct on the north side of the railway line with the main town centre. The Old Railway Station, Stationmaster's House, Old Police Station and former Road Board Building were all constructed prior to 1915 and can bee seen from the walk trail.

Yarling Brook Trail - Wickepin  Old Police Station - Wickepin

Wickepin Railway Station  Wickepin - Bird Sculptures


Stargazing in Western Australia is a world-class experience and WA is home to some of the darkest night skies in the world.

When you’re visiting Wickepin, you’re welcome to stargaze at the Wickepin Community Centre. Here you’ll find a dark place to use telescopes and see the beautiful night sky. There are also suitable places to set up telescopes in nearby Yealering.

If you visit Yealering and you’re an astrophotographer, there are some fantastic locations around Lake Yealering to capture the beauty of the night sky above the wonderful landscape.

Find us on the Astrotourism WA Towns Map and discover how we’re helping to protect the dark night sky in Western Australia.


Wickepin Historical Photo Display

This nostalgic photographic display portrays the development of Wickepin's main street from 1909.
Open for viewing at the Town Hall by appointment only.
Bookings can be made 1 week in advance by contacting the Shire on 08 9888 1005 or email

Wickepin - Wogolin St  Wickepin main st (historical)


Explore this intriguing collection of tools of a bygone era.
Open for viewing by appointment only.
Bookings can be made 1 week in advance by contacting the Shire on 08 9888 1005 or email

Wickepin Toolseum 1  Wickepin Toolseum a



Lake Yealering  Yealering Hotel

Lake Yealering - Jetty  Lake Yealering 1

Yealering is a small town located 27km north of Wickepin, with a population of approximately 100 people. Yealering is thought to be the only country town in Western Australia with a lake within the town boundary.

The land surrounding the lake was first released in the 1870’s and Yugoslav migrants began a market garden at the present town site before it was officially recognized as a town in 1907.
Lake Yealering was a valuable source of fresh water for early settlers in the area. Community picnics and sporting days, for which the town became renowned, were held on the banks of the lake and in dry years horse races were run on the lake bed.

In a picturesque setting with a shady picnic area and barbecue facilities, Lake Yealering is an ideal place for a variety of water sports including skiing, swimming, sailing and windsurfing. There are nature walks throughout the surrounding bush land. Black swans are a regular sight on the lake.

Overlooking the lake are modern sporting facilities including tennis courts, bowling green and cricket oval. The 18 hole golf course surrounds the lake and the 18th hole features a unique tee box over the water. The Town Hall, caravan park and picnic facilities are located on the lake shore.

The historic two storey Yealering Hotel was featured in the successful mini-series A Waltz Through the Hills.


The small town of Harrismith is located 45km south east of Wickepin and the area boasts some of Western Australia’s most unique wildflowers and wildlife.

Visitors to the town will enjoy the display of historical machinery and memorabilia assembled by local community members including information about the famous Rabbit Proof Fence.
Facilities in the town include Town Hall, Caravan Park and backpackers accommodation, cricket oval and 18 hole golf course.


Harrismith Walk Trail

Harrismith is internationally recognised for the wide variety of wildflowers that grow in the area including; orchids, verticordias, grevilleas and banksias. A well defined walktrail with informative signage surrounds the town and showcases the magnificent display of wildflowers.




Tincurrin is located 50km south of Wickepin. Like most small towns it has seen a decline in population over the years; however it still maintains a wonderful community spirit.

In spring the Tincurrin area has a stunning display of wildflowers and is especially renown for the verticordias.



Lake Toolibin is located at the southern end of the Shire of Wickepin near Harrismith. The lake is recognised as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar convention. The woodland of sheoaks and paperbarks that grow across the lake floor supports a diverse range of waterbirds, many of which breed on the lake. The trees provide excellent breeding and feeding habitat for migratory waterbirds when the lake is full. For a Bird Species list please click here.

Toolibin is now the largest remaining freshwater wetland in the wheatbelt area of Western Australia and attracts many visitors and researchers every year.

The Department of Environment and Conservation is working closely with local farmers, scientists and other government agencies to implement recovery works aimed at stopping, then reversing the current degradation of the lake.

For information on the Project Summary of the Toolibin Lake Natural Diversity Recovery Catchment click here.


Facey Group

Wickepin is also home to the Facey Group, a prominent grower group in Western Australia that aims to improve the profitability and sustainability of broad-acre farming in the Upper Great Southern region of the state. The Facey Group provides the latest information and research to farmers and conducts agricultural trials and demonstrations. The group regularly conducts seminars and training to improve the skills and knowledge of farmers in the Wickepin area.